Wind Turbine Technician

Wind turbine technicians:

  • are in high demand
  • make as much and usually more than the average college graduate, some making up to $150,000 a year
  • only need to go to school for less than a year
  • learn fundamental knowledge about electricity and power generation, knowledge that can benefit them in numerous other areas of their lives
  • work outdoors and in a mentally and physically healthy environment
  • are helping to clean up the environment and not polluting it further
  • receive comprehensive benefits such as: health insurance, 401k, pension, paid vacation, sick and holidays

The wind industry is booming and it’s no coincidence. The allure of the wind industry is indisputable, and with the cost of wind power now rivaling oil and gas, the demand is high. Wind farms, where several turbines are installed in one spot for easy control, are being built everywhere, around the world. More than 45,100 wind turbines are installed in the United States alone, and with wind farms established in over 70 countries, there is a huge demand for workers to keep these things up and running. That’s why these wind power companies can afford to pay so well.

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