Aircraft Mechanic

Being an aircraft mechanic does come with lots of responsibility and a certain amount of stress, this is no secret. But that stress can be managed by following proper procedure while doing maintenance. All aircraft come with a set of procedures for doing various tasks which should be followed.

It is also true that some people just make better aircraft mechanic than others. Not all mechanics are created equal. This is good because there are multiple skills required to keep an aircraft safe. Every mechanic has strong and weak areas. Structure mechanics for instance, or sheet metal mechanics, can work magic when it comes to forming aluminum and making structural repairs. They see the aircraft as sheets of aluminum all fastened together with rivets. These technicians must have a keen eye and a steady hand. The old saying¬†“measure twice, cut once”¬†certainly applies here. Sheet metal mechanics can earn a very good salary once they perfect the art. Avionics or aircraft electricians is another area of aircraft maintenance that requires a special set of skills.

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